Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED


Virtualization: Transforming Business through virtualization

Virtualisation noticeably improves the efficiency and reliability of existing resources and applications in an organization. The existing internal resources in a company are most often used to a capacity under the actual possible, on the model “an application, a server”. IT departments tend to consume valuable time resources for managing servers, instead of dealing with innovations and efficiency. An automated data center built on the VMware virtualization platform allows quick responses to market dynamics by making it more efficient than ever. VMware Vsphere delivers resources, applications even servers where and when there is a need for them. VMware users reduce IT costs by 50-70% by enhancing SLI resource efficiency. VMware allows:

Simultaneous operation of several problems on a single computer using Windows, Linux S. A

The ability of a MAC computer to use Windows by creating Virtual PC for all Windows applications.

Reducing capital costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware space.

Business applications work with the highest performance and reliability.

Building a business continuity through proven impact on disaster data recovery with the help of the Data Control center.

Improved control and business management with large strengths and fewer support phones for conflicts between applications.


Server consolidation: More control and flexibility in datacenter

By enhancing server hardware with VMware vsphere, the most robust software suite in the industry, any organization can:

Large use of existing hardware from 5-15% to 80%.

Reduces hardware needs with a 10:1 or more failure

Our professional team can help any IT department to identify and consolidate the savings made through the use of virtualization.

Manage virtual infrastructure at a single point

While most offer only solutions for a single location in terms of VMware virtualization, it gives users the ability to manage a whole virtual crime from a single checkpoint. Using the VMware vsphere tested products, any organization can benefit from:

Speeding up forecasts by 50-70%

Managing virtual equipment from a central location

Monitoring the perfomants of virtual appliances and their hosts.

These benefits alongside many others allow our clients to use virtual appliances in a lot of environments.

Automating virtual infrastructure for peak performance

The solution delivers levels of performance, scalability and reliability that are not possible with a physical infrastructure. Using VMware vcenter Server products together with VMware Vmotion and VMware DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) organizations can:

Avoid the unavailability of the network planned Siberian to virtual equipment

Remove repetitive configurations and maintenance tasks.

Enable dynamic policies based on the allocation of IT resources.

VMware Professional Services can help any organization to benefit from these attributes as part of a long-term strategy.


Business Continuity: Protects critical infrastucture

Simplify the procedures for backing up and recovering data through virtualization: Data becomes easy to recover in a short time, using existing tools and methodologies. Vmware offers the benefits of a simplified protection plan for all systems and applications, uniformizing the benefits of a virtualized data center.


Eliminate planned and unplanned network disruptions

The solution ensures the highest level of reliability with integrated services that are easier to use and cost-effective. Migrating to virtual machines eliminates the need for planned or unplanned failures or disruptions of services. VMware Vsphere also offers protection against possible physical accidents that traditional solutions may suffer.


Build effective disaster recovery plans

Companies that have implemented the VMware solution eliminate costs and have the possibility of recovering data in case of disaster, using a 100% virtualized server. Using these bases to build extremely efficient data recovery systems the plans transform into a manner that does not affect the operationality between primary and backup centers.