Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED


Cisco TelePresence – we now collaborate from anywhere!

In order to thrive in the economic climate of our day it is necessary to be able to collaborate with partners, colleagues and clients in any place that would be just a touch. At the same time the purpose of any business is to deepen the quality of the developed relationships.

In the past, maintaining relationships means expensive face to face and challenges to efficiency and productivity without mentioning the time spent away from home and family.

TelePresence™ Cisco brings a new experience in live communication, face-to-face through a network that allows users to collaborate in a non-precendent way. TelePresence™ Cisco helps people to meet, share information creating high quality video content, consulting with experts and delivering highly personalized services, all by one solution.


Cisco telepresence:

Schedule sessions without IT support

facilitates meetings, as simple as a phone

People are represented in real dimensions

Provides intuitive control

Collaborative applications work on the “Plug and Play” system

Participants can meet in several places at once, up to 48 locations per session

Users can meet, record high quality video or participate in special events

Facilitates user collaboration through applications such as WebEx

Integrates existing SD or HD videoconferencing systems

Cisco TelePresence now facilitates more communication with details such as mimics, facial expression, essential details for negotiations.


Cisco telepresence Technology:

The meetings held by the Cisco telepresence incorporate high quality video and audio without interruptions, in a special environment. The experiences offered by the Cisco TelePresence offer extremely real content, as if the participants were face-to-face in the same room.

Cisco’s TelePresence solution offers complete and easy-to-use applications, providing a stable, secure architecture at a low cost of implementation. The Cisco TelePresence uses the latest equipment and technologies to the highest existing standards.


Smart and secure networks

Cisco telepresence Network Architecture offers built-in, innovative and secure services for interorganizational and intra-organizational connections. Cisco uses high standards of IP technology, using integrated voice technologies and embedded networks.

Cisco TelePresence delivers high quality video and voice content in all workstations, central offices and temporary locations of the organization. It is a reliable, operational system from deployment, offering high quality internet services on limited bandwidth or broadband Internet.


Optimized environment

The solution integrates cameras and monitors, lights, speakers, projectors and video projection capabilities for larger rooms. Cisco TelePresence cameras can use specially designed and executed furniture or tables and chairs already existing.