Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Data Center Solutions

Structured wiring

Data Center-they are the critical point of global global communications infrastructure. From 2005, TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) published the standard TIA-942 which brought in the market clear information about the design, implementation and operation of a data center. At the base of any data center is the infrastructure, and it must comply with the standards in force to be as quality and reliability as necessary to a data center. The infrastructure must meet the requirements of the standard for the design of the rooms, the wiring mode of the cabinets and equipment, the hierarchy, the redundancy and the safety. The elements defining a data center are: security (physics and informatics), spaces for storing large information, ensuring traffic at high speeds, accessibility of data, organization of cable infrastructure (copper or fiber), data recovery in case of disaster, performance and communication speed. The Data centers implemented by Probitas comply with international standards


Electroalimenation Systems and uninterruptible sources

IT systems are critical for today’s business domain, data centers require special attention from the point of view of energy supply. For such a location, redundante and quality of energy are above all, it takes power from different sources of energy, safety food with power generators and back-up by uninterrupted sources. To reach the level of uptime of 99.99 required by the most demanding standards in the field, the design and implementation of the energy supply installation of the data center is critical.


Inert Gas fire extinguishing

Another critical system for such locations is fire extinguishing. Classic water-extinguishing installations are not compatible with equipment in a data center. For this reason, for these type of locations Probitas offers gas fire extinguishing systems. This type of installation, designed and installed correctly, reacts very quickly in the case of a fire, to limit the damage to the minimum. After the release of the extinguishing installation, which lasts 10 seconds and the ventilation of the space, the activity in that space can be retaken. The installations are dimensionated according to the size of the protected spaces.


HVAC Solutions

Another important part of a date center is air conditioning. Crews need a well-controlled climate. Maintaining a constant temperature and fresh air are part of the requirements required for a data center.


Physical security

All the above systems also add the physical security system of the location. A complete security system for such a location comprises: an anti-burglary system, an access control system, and a video overload. These three combined will create a high level of objective security to prevent internal or external sabotage attempts. Probitas provides special quality security systems that rises to the level of quality and reliability required in a data center.