Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Object Video Analytics

Intelligent video Surveillance

Whether it’s security and real-time surveillance or the collection of commercial information, Object Video is the key due to the benefits of intelligent Video Analytics solutions.

Video Analytics Software from Object video is based on a solid experience in the field of computer images and video content. Advanced research years have resulted in robust, capable and tested technology in many areas: software that transforms video content into information. The use of this information is limitless: from virtual notifications in real time about the perimeter violations, until the determination of the consumption patterns in the stores, the measurement of traffic density in the passages, the triggering of alarms on Stolen equipment, saving energy in unused buildings.

Objectvideo solutions come accompanied by original and integrated equipment satisfying specific needs for areas such as retail stores, commercial buildings and banking.


Retail stores

The benefits of video analytics systems for retail stores are numerous:

  • Analyze and report on consumer habits
  • Calculates product exposure efficiency
  • Customer Safety
  • Prevention of cargo losses
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • The clear prospect of everyday reality
  • Monitor access to unauthorized places
  • Detect suspicious individuals in the parking lot
  • Protection against vandalism



Banking domain

The solution to the banking field is designed in view of the needs of the banking system, focusing on risk management and market needs of the banking industry. Objectvideo systems collaborate with existing CCTV systems to ensure intelligent business solutions but also real-time surveillance for the safety of customers, employees and banking assets, detecting:

  • Peak hours in a bank, the length of the queue
  • Traffic from one unit over a day
  • Waiting time per person in peak hours
  • Abandoned or stolen items from the bank
  • Cameras locked or moved in time of a possible robbery
  • Human presence in hours outside the program
  • Vandalism actions, graffiti
  • Human presence in the vicinity of banks during the night


Commercial Buildings

The long and varied experience is used to create building automation solutions, providing considerable savings with immediate effects on reducing harmful emissions. The benefits of using Video Analytics in buildings are visible in reducing costs and environmental impacts:

  • Allows users to save energy through data on employment rate
  • Improves workspaces management
  • Intelligent sensors in automatic doors do not allow energy waste