Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Network Security

Network Security: Safer, more efficient and more flexible networks

The perimeter of traditional networks suffers transformates once with new business practices. Cisco Secure Bordless Networks promotes the technology which maximizes the productivity of the labor force while protecting the company’s data, resources and staff.

Technologies such as collaboration, cloud computing and software and hardware applications are used to enlarge and streamline the distribution of labor force. The implementation of these technologies increases the protection of companies and businesses while allowing and increase the freedom and flexibility of essential attributes awaited by employees.


Cisco Secure Bordless networks are:

Flexible: Help protect mobile employees, extend services that were previously able to offer from the Office and bring security services closer to users.

Integrated: Cisco’s complete solution uses the network to use the solution in a much smarter way, providing control, increasing awareness of the security of identity and services.

Proactive: Analyze and provide information directly to the right audience, devices and locations.

Cisco Secure Bordless Networks Solutions build high-security network infrastucts at maximum efficiency, while reducing maintenance costs. Cisco Secure Bordless Networks constitutes a flexible approach to Bordless networks and contemporary security challenges. In a world connected without Borders, the challenges of network security are becoming more and more complex. Unsuitable bordless networks or inadequate security types can block business or interrupt productivity, with adverse effects on customer relationships, leading to loss of damage.


Cisco Security Solutions emphasize and increase continuity, availability and productivity these solutions bring a flexible approach to security, helping IT departments that can:

Identify threats in emerging stages and to issue answers in very short time. Cisco Security Solutions reduce downtime reducing the risks to the organization, employees and data. With an ongoing update against the latest threats, it protects your business and the company’s reputation by improving the level of loyalty the dream of the clients.

Strengthen business policies and adapt them to best practices and regulations in the industry. Adapting to the changes in the corporate environment, Cisco Security provides industry guides and solutions that protect critical goods for this and support the company’s policies in relation to any person, device or location avoiding such losses.

Increase operational efficiency, decrease complexity and reduce the costs of implementing security solutions. Cisco Security Solutions have an intuitive, friendly interface that facilitates time management and reduces costs by streamlining processes. These solutions facilitate centralized control management, with a single image on the network environment, stimulating efficiency and shrinking costs.

Protect valuable assets. Cisco Security improves the ability to adapt business by preventing malfunctionability by protecting against threats and malware. These solutions make the integration of new employees easier, devices and services, although traditionally they could lead to an increase in internal and external threats.