Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED


Communication by graphical means is more efficient and accessible, believing that “an image is a thousand words”, Probitas International provides the audio-visual solutions you need to communicate. The equipment offered by Probitas International changes the way you communicate and interact within the company or with your clients. The pen and paper are replaced with modern means of exposing your presentations or communications. Probitas International provides you with solutions in the following areas:

Video Projectors for Conference halls

Video Projectors for Cinema halls

Sound systems

Home entertainment

Video Projectors


For maximum impact messages, we recommend a video projection solution with low power consumption and maintenance. The range of products varies from portable projectors to projectors for 3d projection in cinema halls. Regardless of the size of the audience, from several people to several hundred, we provide products that are designed for each type of application.


For cinema halls we provide complete solutions for projectors, analog and digital video to 4k resolutions. Depending on the size of the hall and your requirements we will design the optimum and most cost-effective solution.



Alongside video projectors, audio systems will ensure a high fidelity of presentations. When the number of participants in a presentation is large, you need a sound amplification and transmission system. For the most pleasant ambiance and a special customer experience in the commercial space we recommend the sound systems offered by Probitas International, from world-renowned partners.

In the projection or cinema halls we offer surround sound systems for the most enjoyable experience. Fidelity and sound quality are the highest in such a system, so we have chosen prestigious manufacturers in the field for the complete solutions in the portfolio.


Home Entertainment

Starting with small, residential applications to complete projection systems, sound and lighting, using projection screens or LCD screens with surround sound systems and lighting systems you will watch your favorite HD movies at a quality of Exceptional sound. By integrating all components of a home entertainment system we bring cinema experience to your home.