Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Mobility & Wireless

Mobility & Wireless: Business anywhere, anytime

Mobility solutions help employees, partners and clients to develop business anywhere and anytime from any device. Cisco Mobility Solutions unites network mobility, secures and manages mobile devices to create an ecosystem for remote workers and mobile applications.


Through continuous connections between people, information and business applications regardless of where they are located, Cisco Mobility brings three major organizational benefits:


Insight: Employees make high-accuracy decisions based on contextual, last-time information that comes to meet financial objectives, improving customer-seller relationship and interacting with suppliers and partners.


Collaboration:Employees communicate with people and devices for better internal collaboration leading to lower decision-making time.


Awareness:Employees have access to centralized information and critical information on goods and collaborators, thus meeting the needs of consumers with the ultimate goal of reducing acquisition costs.


The evolution of wireless LAN networks to networks of real mobility improves the performance of IT departments to a new era of mobile devices, uniting multiple wireless networks through a single control interface, building an open platform For the development of mobile applications.

Beyond support for a multitude of applications, Cisco mobile solutions increase the performance of applications providing real-time information from the network.

Increased productivity, more efficient collaboration and immediate response rate.


The progress of globalization, small budgets and the growth of customer needs for quick answers require organizational leaders to use mobile solutions by pursuing the growth of business advantages. Mobile solutions can help any company to increase their cashes, control travel costs and facilitate:


Shrinking the response times to clients

Quick reactions to market changes

Real-time adaptation through data access


Wireless networks are a key component of mobility solutions helping to increase the efficiency of time spent at work:

Wireless networks facilitate communication with people, applications and resources in real time through campuses, subsidiary, branches and distant locations offering a variety of devices.


Solution providers recognize demand and offer new innovative wireless services

With the expansion of wireless public networks, mobile applications become accessible to employees either in means of transport, cafes, restaurants or hotels.