Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Electrical Networks

Electrical installations

The continuous evolution of the markets in all areas is manifested in the field of electrical installations in continuous research and development. The aim of Probitas is to ensure its clients reliability, competitiveness and technological solutions of the latest generation. Probitas solutions range from classical electrical installations to electrical installations with incapsulated bars; From electrical panels to automates and smart meters. Probitas delivers to the clients complete electrical installations that provide quality energy, a time of interruption of the low food and increased flexibility, for a lifetime of the installation as long as it is a maintenance cost in time As low as you could.


International Probitas proposes by measuring, analysing, reporting and upgrading, quality energy at optimum cost.

The Probitas team is ready for all stages: design, implementation, commissioning, administration.


Electrical installations with incapsulated bars

This type of electrical installation represents the new approach in the field of energy supply. Energy supply systems with fixed or mobile incapsulated bars offer a complete alternative to classic energy systems. In This product range are fixed or mobile bars, bars with nominal current between 25a and 6,000 a. Applications for this type of installations are multiple: offices, logistics centers, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, industrial environments, airports and exhibitions, offering many advantages:

The architectural flexibility of the system allows further installation of elements without interventions or modifications to the main installation

The quick assembly of the system components comes as interconnecsible elements that ease and streamline the time needed to install

The safety of the elements connected to the system, these are protected against accidental disconnection, and the supplied components are not accessible-disconnecting, due to the modular structure allows to dismantle the installation and reuse it


Halogen Free – In the case of a fire, the encapsulated bar system does not emit any toxic gases

High protection: The degree of protection of such a plant is IP55, resistant to sprinklers and dust


Cable Electrical Installations

In addition to electrical installations with incapsulated bars or as separate installations, Probitas offers electrical installations on cable. Depending on the nature of the project, the operating mode of the installation or your budget, we will always provide the best solution with the best installation and operating costs.


Electric panels

Whether it be interior paintings or exterior paintings, general paintings or distribution boards and automation, the equipment used by US offers a maximum degree of safety and reliability. The products offered have been chosen to provide you with the quality you need. Through modularity, we can offer you solutions that are adaptable to requirements and modifications that occur during the installation operation. Probitas offers you fully equipped paintings with equipment from the following manufacturers: Schneider, Merlin-Gerin, Moeller, Gewiss, Legrand.


Automation and Smart meters

In order to ease and automate the activities necessary for the maintenance of the electricity supply installation, Probitas offers you smart meters and automation. Light control and remote reporting of consumption are just some of the advantages that offer such solutions. Having such a distribution network, with a detail control and detailed reporting on the elements from which it is composed, you will experience much better visibility on its status, the damage can be easily prefaced.