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Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Digital Media Systems

Cisco Digital Media Suite: Learn, Grow, communicate & collaborate

Digital Media Suite is a complete Cisco solution that offers digital signage, social video content and IPTV systems at the same time. Cisco Digital Media Suite transforms the way people learn, communicate and collaborate with direct impact on profitability.


The Digital Media Suite solution includes:

Cisco Digital Signs

The solution that changes the consumer’s experience, delivers communication and training systems throughout the company and increases the sales by digital signage based on the network.


Cisco Show and Share

This social video system shares ideas and experiences, optimizes global video collaboration and customises communication between clients, employees, students, everything through video communities and user-generated content.


Cisco Cast

The IPTV system tailored to the business environment delivers video content on demand, broadcasting the programs of the TV channels via IP to the displays.


Cisco Digital Signs

Built on the Cisco Digital Media Suite Platform, Cisco’s Digital signage system uses the same hardware and management platform as Cisco Cast and Show and Share, being interoperable with these solutions. Cisco Signs is also operable as a self-contained solution.


Cisco Digital Signs brings an innovative approach aiming at improving consumer experience, strengthening the competitive advantages of a business. It is the ideal solution for financial services, retail, public sector, education, health, sport, entertainment and transport. In these areas Cisco Digital Signs is the solution with excellent benefits in:

Marketing: It is a promotional, upsell and cross-sell solution for products and services, with direct access to consumers shopping in the shop.

Increase of consumer experience: delivers informational or entertainment content by shrinking the perceived time of waiting.

Communication and training: real-time broadcasting internal communications, providing a cost-effective solution and flexible training options.

Information: Share daily information, programs, news and emergency messages where individuals need them most, provide information about locations in real time and directions to reach a certain location.

Advertising: possibility to sell time for exposure to third party publications


Cisco Show and Share:

Effective video content

The system saves time and money. Communicating through images saves the transit time needed to meet face to face.

Increase productivity by displaying smart messages

Optimize productivity using transcription possibilities by showing the relevant video content, thus replacing the lost time with watching recording hours.


Video content Anywhere

Join the mainstream by creating, searching and sharing video content.

Control access to viewing through high-precision security options.

Streamline communication and collaboration with employees, business partners, students, anywhere and anyway.


Personalized video Content

It facilitates instant communication around the world without unnecessary worries about hourly fuses.

The system allows the audience to enjoy personalized video content in any condition.

The system increases intimacy by delivering personalized content, building trust and birth to communities.


Cisco Cast

Cisco Cast is a IPTV system designed for business that allows you to deliver live content and on demand via IP to digital screens.

The menus and guides displayed on the screen guide users to the content delivered by Cisco Cast, the organizations can customize and create their own content. Users can navigate through the channel menus, selecting content on demand using a remote control or other remote controls device.

Built on the Cisco Digital Media Suite, Cisco Cast uses the same hardware and Managemet platform as Cisco Digital Signs and Cisco Show and Share being interoperable or can be used as a standalone application.


Cisco Cast delivers:

Live News

TV channels

Financial information

Marketing and sales information

Communications inside the corporation.