Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Cisco Unified Communications

New experience in communication

Mobile workforce, social networking, ubiquitous video content and information Overload: This is the new normality, the way of the future. Addressing your business directly, Cisco Unified Communications brings people, information, teams across the globe together, to the same table, facilitating the exchange of ideas in real time.

Using Cisco Unified communications, any company can:

  • Connect colleagues, partners, sellers and customers to the information they need.
  • Access and pass on audio and video content to those who are moving like the phone.
  • Facilitate better interaction between teams, bringing individuals together in a dynamic way.
  • Transform mobile devices into extensions of corporate network so that mobile employees become productive regardless of location.
  • Integrate collaboration and communication into business applications and procedures.



Collaborate with confidence

Cisco Unified Communications offers high-security and quality experience in any workspace, helping its companies:

  • Shorting Sales Cycles
  • Quickly adapt to changes in the market
  • Encourages innovation

This solution adapts to any kind of business, regardless of the size of the company. Over 85% of the companies nominated in Forbes Top 500 use the CISCO approach to communication networks, building competitive advantages.


Reducing costs through consolidation

The consolidation of data, voice and video networks to a single IP network gives companies the chance to reduce communication costs, streamline existing networks used in sub-capacity and putting the foundations for unified communication.


Streamline the “Customer Service” department

With Cisco Unified Communications implemented in the call center, customers can be directly connected to the information or expertise they need, whenever they need it. Installing an additional support video allows a direct relationship between the client and experts on certain issues even if they are in two different corners of the world.


Collaboration without borders

Collaboration without borders is the essential benefit of Cisco Unified communications by adapting to the global and interactive work environment. Cisco Unified communications exceeds national, continental or corporate boundaries, communicating from anywhere and anyway.