Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Cisco Borderless Networks

New Mobile workspace

Everything turns into a multi-tasking marathon in which we sail almost non-stop on the Internet. We work, we live, we play and we learn in a world that has no boundaries and knows no boundaries. Borderless Networks – a Cisco solution – bring new experiences on the workspace, connecting anyone, anywhere, connecting any device, to any resource, in a safe, solid, limitless way. Borderless Cisco networks address business challenges to create a genuine Relal experience, bringing the employee and customer closer.


With borderless networks, anyone can enjoy a work space beyond the conventions.

Cisco Borderless Networks:

Make a new business model possible by facilitating a closer interaction with the client

Optimizes resource consumption

Increase productivity using any device, anytime, anywhere

Reduce costs

Improve operational efficiency

Evolve with scaling and securing network

Allow employees to work remotely in total safety.


New workspace:

The Cisco 5-stage plan for borderless Networks provides a rejuvenation to advanced features and services that make it possible to experience a new workspace anytime and anywhere.

First phase: Borderless network services – delivers innovations in and on the network that optimizes the availability, performance and security of the network.

Second phase: Services for borderless network user – integrates key services for users from mobility, security and performance of applications in all elements of the network.

Third phase: Borderless Policy – Implementing a unified framework policy for safety, identity and network access management or network resources.

Fourth phase: Integration of borderless framework – brings network intelligence from one end to another, from network to terminal via open and expandable interfaces.

Fifth phase: Borderless experience – convergence of services and systems causes superior experience for users, regardless of location, device or application used.