Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Data / Voice structured cabling

Structured wiring networks

The complete networks, from the data socket to the patch panel and the wiring cabinet, with the guarantee of superlative quality can only be obtained by calling specialists Probitas. We offer you a wide range of networks structured on copper (CAT 5e, CAT6/6a, cat 7/7a) and fiber optics. The usual structured wiring add intelligent structured network wiring that allow for the permanent control and supervision of the status of all equipment belonging to your network. The networks made entirely by Probitas benefit from full warranty of the infrastructure up to 25 years.


Structured wiring networks on copper Cat 5e, Cat 6/6a, Cat 7

The data and voice communications are much the basis of all today’s business. The lack of them brings about the cessation of the activity of many companies. These copper networks are the ones that ensure horizontal wiring, they connect the communication chambers and communication outlets on the floor. The structured networks installed by Probitas are designed to ensure continuity and reliability companies. Structured networks must serve you during the entire operation of the building, so they must be thought from the beginning to bear the applications that will appear in the future. Depending on the cable category with which the network will be made, 5e, 6/6a, 7/7a, you will ensure that you have the necessary support and quality for the future.


Fiber Optic wiring networks

Fiber optics is the communication environment used when data transmissions are needed at higher speeds or longer distances. This communication medium provides a signal transmission with much lower losses and no electromagnetic interference. The connection to the optical fiber is between points of the network between which a large flow of information is transmitted and where the building is “connected” on the outside. Another advantage of the fiber optic micro-wiring is where space is limited, a section of fiber optics can replace a multitude of copper cables.


Smart structured wiring networks on copper and fiber optics

Smart structured wiring networks on copper and optical fiber complement global resource management leading to reduced maintenance costs. This type of network is designed to streamline and ease the implementation of any infrastructure. Based on a server-client structure, structured “smart” wirings are designed to increase the control and visibility of IT managers, on all network equipment wherever they are. The application is intended to help you in all stages through which the network will pass: design, implementation and upgrade. After implementation this type of infrastructure will ensure the continuous and complete monitoring of each port on the network, making visible at any time the changes occurring. You will be able to find out, in real time, about unauthorized modifications, connection interruptions or you will be able to plan from a distance the changes you want to make. Through global resource management, the application will allow for more efficient administration.


Network Tests (qualification and certification)

All structured cabling networks installed by Probitas benefit from certification and qualification tests, with equipment from the most prestigious manufacturers in the field, providing the desired and necessary quality and reliability.