Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Fire Detection

Fire detection and warning systems, CO and CH4

This type of solutions includes fire detection and warning systems as well as conventional systems. Modular and expandable fire stations, Interconnected by network, capable of creating limitless configurations, systems that range from dozens of detectors to several thousand. The solutions offered are integrated with the other common systems in the supervised objectives.


Conventional fire detection and warning systems

Conventional detectors are devices on/off, when there is smoke, they do not react. If the detectors detect the set level of smoke or heat, the alarm works. These types of detectors are connected to a circuit known as the “zone” each circuit being connected to the Control Panel. If a conventional detector enters the alarm status, the control Panel will be able to identify in which of the interconnected areas the detector is located, but not which of the detectors detected smoke or heat.


Fire detection and warning systems (SMART)

Intelligent detection and warning or assignable systems identify each sensor with a specific address. The fire station communicates with each device that issues reports about the heat or smoke levels as well as the command and control modules through which the system interacts with the rest of the building. The fire plant and not the detector, make the decision to activate the alarm status. Using a smart system for mapping and locating all elements of the system, the detected fire can be traced accurately.


Carbon Monoxide detection systems

All carbon-based materials produce a detectable level of carbon monoxide, the purpose of this type of installation being to detect, in the early stages, these emissions. These levels can be monitored to emit warning signals depending on the gas concentration detected. Carbon monoxide detectors are electronic detectors, which when the maximum level of CO admitted has been exceeded will trigger the alarm. These detectors have an electro-chemical cell that detects the CO but not the smoke or other combustible products.


Bosch Modular fire-detection panel

It offers numerous benefits and innovations in the field of fire protection by reducing costs, increased flexibility and superior standards of reliability.


Integrate interfaces that reduce costs:

Connecting to the building Integration system (BIS), along with the other security and safety systems of the building, increases the efficiency of the system, maximizing the impact of the solution.

Connecting the power stations without adding additional modules streamlines investments

Modular structure with unbeatable flexibility

The system can be expanded to respond to any specific needs

Modular structure allows easy, cost-effective installation

The extension is facilitated by the modular structure using the maximum existing resources

Downtime is eliminated: “Hot swappable” modules can replace without disconnecting the power station

Superior Reliability

The connection with the voice addressing and exhaust system allows a better reaction to alarms and better control over the trafficking of people in emergency situations.

Easy to operate locally via the LCD screen or through the remote Control Panel.

Compliant with the latest European standards as: EN54-2 A1 and EN54-4 A2.