Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED



Tehnology that you NEED

Public address

Public address and conference systems, simultaneous translation systems

The public address, conference and simultaneous translation systems complement the other solutions offered. The public and evacuation systems are perfectly integrated with the fire detection and detection and burglary warning systems. Sound systems and simultaneous translation for conference halls complete the range of high quality and reliability Probitas solutions.


Public address and evacuation

The public address and evacuation installation is as important as the fire detection installation. When people’s lives are at stake, no compromise can be made, which is why Probitas will bring reputable systems on whose reliability you can rely on.


Bosch Praesideo: Complex applications

The Praesideo system from Bosch is the first choice for complex applications for public addressing and emergency evacuation. The fidelity with which the sound is rendered, the operational adaptability and the program of continuous perfectionism ensure the status of the market leader of the system. Being a digital system, preside is characterized by flexibility and quality, the optical network that underpins the system provides an audio signal without interference with special reduntanta. Depending on the requirements, the system can be expanded or tightens without limitation, while also benefiting from the “redundant Loop” system which ensures the continuation of the operation in case of cable interruption. By fulfilling two functions at the same time, public address and evacuation, Praesidio guarantees the reduction of maintenance costs.


Plena Public Easy Line: Daily usage

The main features offered by Plena Easy Line are: versatility, reliability and ease of use. Suitable for small and medium-sized locations, the system has a plug-and-play architecture designed for easy installation and easier use, without requiring thorough knowledge. Several areas can be covered, which may be equipped with local volume control for increased adaptability. The quality of the audio signal is at the highest level.


Conference Systems Bosch CCS 800 Ultro

When you have something to communicate make sure that the message arrives clearly and securely to the interlocutor. The conference system offered by Bosch brings you the quality and reliability you need in your conference room. Created and developed by experts, Bosch CCS 800 Ultro is an innovative system that allows the leader of the Conference to interact with up to 150 people through the control desks. Apart from real-time communication, the system also provides automatic recording of all participants, ensuring that all information is kept.

This adds complete control of the discussion, with flexibility in the installation and integrability of the conference system with other simultaneous translation systems and audio distribution.


Conference system and simultaneous DCN Wireless translation

Bosch’s DCN Wireless conference system offers exceptional functionality and freedom in carrying out applications of any size. Transmitting wireless information makes the system a viable alternative to wired systems. When there is a need for a performance system that has minimal impact on the venue of the conference or when a mobile system can be moved between halls or even locations, DCN Wireless is the perfect solution.

The conference control software allows the operator a high level of control over the system, it can assign the name of the delegate to each unit; Can control the microphones during the meeting; Can start or stop voting sessions, as well as display, and record the results of the votes in journals.

When it comes to an international conference, DCN Wireless offers you the possibility of simultaneous translation of up to 10 languages in order for the information to be received as clearly as possible by the participants.

The system can extend up to 150 wireless controlled units and up to 95 cabled units in the DCN Next Generation range.

Hemidirectional Speakers: Durability itself

The Bosch hemidirectional Differ is designed and guaranteed to function in extreme conditions. According to the EVAC standard, it exceeds all standards for voice alarm installations. The installers appreciate the inclusion of wiring through the loop, as well as the optional safety cable. A set of metallic suspension accessories is available for a fixed speaker installation.

Sound projectors – Perfect design and sound quality

Sound projectors are recommended by visual attractiveness equal to absolute reliability and superb sound quality. Sound projectors have been designed specifically for easy and quick installation in places where other speakers do not meet standards. Once attached, the projectors can be oriented with the precision of a bright spot to direct the sound where necessary.